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Photo Process

Giclée printing has come a long way during the past decade. Once considered an unusual method of printing fine art prints, it is now well known and established.

It's unique because now most artists can afford to start an edition and enter the fine art reproduction world. There's no inventory to carry. Printing on demand is the norm.

Village Printers offers the most technically accurate Giclée prints created with state of the art equipment and Epson Printers using Lyson and Ultra Chrome inks.

Village Printers has been printing giclee prints for almost ten years and remains dedicated to bringing our clients the latest techniques and technology.


The Giclee printing process

Giclee printing process is used to reproduce art prints in the very best and the most accurate method. A lot depends on the process which you adopt for giclee printing. Sometimes 4 or 6 color ink printing devices are used which are really not up to the mark compared to the 8 color printing devices. High standard giclee printing devices produce very sophisticated reproductions. It also provides archival inks and media that will assure you decades of lasting quality.

Following is the process for giclee printing:

Digital file preparation The ultimate quality of the final reproduction of the artwork depends on the digital capture of the color and details from the original art work. If the details given are abstract then the final quality will be abstract. But if the details are precise and intricate then the final quality will be the best attainable by any known method of reproduction. The original artwork is either photographed or scanned directly from the original artwork. If photographed the transparency is scanned at high resolution on a scanner to match the final output, size and print resolution.

Proofing or color rectification: The color proofs derived from the original artwork are run on the printer and are matched on to the chosen medium. The print technicians and artists are the hub of this process and they have to work with deep understanding and close collaboration. The best notes are color swatches made directly from the paint palette use to produce the original. Prior to the production of the final prints images are carefully analyzed adjusted and proofed by skilled technicians. Once the artist approves the proof print is retrieved and archived in the desired format.

Printing: Printing is a technical hands on process requiring skilled print makers. If extra multi density inks are used then they provide extended color gamut enhanced details and continuous toned quality. Prints can be made at the range of sizes media and quantity. Once the proof is approved and sanctioned by the artist the original artwork is printed according to the desired specifications provided by the artist in regards to the framing, mounting, borders, media, size and many more things.

Archiving: As soon as the final output is ready it is archived depending on the preference given by the customers.

It is highly recommended that one gets their image certified with a certificate of authenticity.